ID Lanyards: Who Uses them and where to use them?

Printing shops nowadays extend their services from the usual printing and encoding jobs to customization of giveaways that are very popular for conventions, events, and large group meet-ups. Among these popular giveaways are ID lanyards.

id lanyardsMore commonly known as ID cord, ID lanyards are used to carry something by attaching the string, which is commonly worn around a person’s neck. Aside from general reasons of identification and security, these cords also add a sense of a fashion “add-on” to someone wearing it. Due to its popularity, many people started to patronize it: from small-width lanyards with smiley prints to large-width customized lanyards that are very in and trendy to the public.

Who are those people that usually wear this accessory? Some of them include:


As part of security purposes, schools require students to wear their identification cards. For this, an ID lanyards can be helpful as a holder. Keys, cell phones, and flash drives can also be attached along with the ID card.

2.Office workers.

A lot of private companies and offices wear ID cords for identification and security reasons. Usually, companies tend to have their logo printed on it, along with large printed letters of their names as well.

3.Government members.

For a government employee, identification is very important which is why lanyards are of use. It can be used to represent which department one belongs. Still, lanyards can hold phones, small coin purses, car keys, etc.


For people who are very fond of having the latest gadget in their hands, ID lanyards come in handy for the protection of their devices.

Aside from being used in school and workplace, lanyards are also used in various events. These can be:


Conventions are large group meetings of common people sharing interests and usually among the giveaways given to participants are lanyards. Printed on it usually are the name of the convention, and sometimes the logos too.


Be it family, or batch gatherings, a good memorabilia of a once in a lifetime event should be given out. This is where these items come into the picture. Wear it proud, because it will hold the memories you make with everybody.


Meeting your favorite celebrity, author, or band? Fan-meetings are now very popular for people who adore the same icon or celeb. Aside from the artists, the ones that are sought are ID lanyards. From small-width cords wherein the star’s name is printed to wide cords where his or her face can be on it, these accessories are very saleable and popular to fans.

4.Competitions or contests.

Participating in national or international tournaments either sports or scholastic is a great and a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. As a keepsake, these can also be given out to commemorate such life event.

5.Promotional Giveaways.

Many stores want to recognize their valued customers, so ID cords with their designs are offered to them or handed to them free of charge.

6.Support groups.

Both supporters and survivors of various support groups wear ID lanyards with prints that encourage, inspire and open up awareness to those who are going through life situations and assisting them every step of the way.

These “add-ons” are now available and can be bought in department stores, school supply outlets with pre-designs, or can be customized through printing stores or can be accessed online.

Using an ID lanyard can give a handful of ease to the person wearing it; it is a small object with a big function. It is more than just an accessory; it is also a display of belongingness, achievements, pride and honor. It is also an item that can show and share one’s thoughts, beliefs and ideas to others.

How a Little Piece of Coin can Change the Way We See Things

In any organization, troop or squadron, allegiance and dedication to the group is given so much importance that they have come up with different ways to represent a member’s commitment. The armed forces, the navy, the air force and all the soldiers out there have been risking their lives to serve the country, and it is only appropriate to give them a token they are worthy of, and it is in the form of a little coin commonly known as a “ military challenge coin”.

military coinsThese military coins are definitely no ordinary coins. They vary in shape, sizes, texture and design. They can also be made through various techniques. The organization’s emblem or insignia is usually molded on the coin. Some coins even include names, mottos, or significant dates. These coins are usually given to members of an organization to instill pride, loyalty and honor. In some occasions, military coins are presented to visitors from other troops as a welcoming token or as a sort of memento, but no matter what the reason is, it is really an honor for anybody to be given a military challenge coin.

Thus, it is no wonder that these military coins’ history goes far back to World War I, where the soldiers fought for their country and for their lives. There is no definite way to find out the truest origin of these coins, but the most familiar and most told story is that of the American fighter pilot from WWI. It’s said that this soldier carried a coin given to him by a lieutenant just before they were deployed. Unfortunately, he was captured by the French squadron, thinking that he was from the enemy’s troop. What saved him from being executed is the coin bearing his squadron’s insignia.

One French officer immediately recognized it and realized that the American is an ally. Shortly after hearing what happened to the pilot, the members of the troop made sure everyone carries their own coin for identification purposes. They had even come up with a challenge called a “coin check” to literally check if they each have their own coins (thus, the term “challenge coins). Anyone who fails to show his coin will have a rather fun consequence—he has to buy a round of drinks for everyone. Well, that’s not too bad.

Not a lot of people may be aware of the coin’s deep-seeded history, but having even just the slightest information really changes the way people perceive challenge coins. It seems a bit perplexing to take so much pride in receiving a coin, but that is only true for those who don’t know the significance of these military coins. It is really incredible how a little piece of metal can actually be worth so much. Some people even use challenge coins to pay respect to a loved one who passed away. They place it on the graves of their loved ones, and by doing so, it speaks words of love. It sends a message that they will always be remembered and that, in one way or another, their lives have touched somebody’s heart.

Today, challenge coins are not only used by the military. A lot of universities and colleges award it to their graduating students to remind them of their alma mater. Some students who have achieved academic excellence are also given a coin as recognition to their contributions. There are just so many ways to present a challenge coin, but every single piece definitely serves one basic purpose—to inspire and lift the spirit of a person for whatever reason it may be.

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Custom military coins are a symbol of the bond you share with fellow unit members, an indicator of the unique experiences you share. We respect that, and will ensure your custom military coins are something you can carry and exchange with pride.